Lindsay Lindsay Lindsay!

Lindsay Lohan


"I'm going nuts if I hear that name again today!", my wife sometimes calls out. Which is absolutely true. That is, not my wife being nuts, but the fact that I mention Lindsay Lohan now and then in our conversations.

I think the name Lindsay is spoken out almost as often as the name Alice; I just love Alice (in Wonderland), and my Alice-collection is growing steadily, but she ofcourse is unreachable. Lindsay however I'm hoping to meet, speak to or write with somewhere in the near future, and my Lindsay-collection is very dear to me.

I really don't know why I like Lindsay Lohan as much as I do. She is without a doubt a very beautiful, freckled redhead, as most redheads I know are, but that's not it, or at least not alone. It's just her total appearance, her a bit raspy voice, her naughtiness, her ability to make fun off (and sometimes a fool) of herself, in one word: she is overwhelming and I simply love everything she does, be it acting, singing, performing, modelling or whatever, she is my alltime still living favorite!

At my house she continues to be a sort of running gag. When my wife goes out, I ask her not to be back to soon because I'm expecting a visitor. When I expect to be home late, my excuse usually is that I have to go to the airport to pick up you know who. Hey, we're married for over 32 years, a little cynism keeps it fresh.

What would I say if I ever met her? I probably just would mumble a few words and suck in every expression of her face and body to never ever forget that moment, and ask her for an autograph on my chest, placed above my heart, in mirror-writing ofcourse so I can check it out everytime I look in the mirror. She just is a living fairytale: mirror mirror on the wall...

But honestly, I think I would tell her that she is in my opinion the most underestimated actress/person of the last two decades. Are there really no daring producers and directors who will give this Marilyn-Monroe-kind-of-girl what she is entitled to?! I want to see a movie in which fifteen movie-makers or so portrait Lindsay as they see her, good or bad. I want to see her waking up (hopefully dressed in Cahenl no. 5), bake cookies, flirt with people, cleaning the house in a Freddy Mercury-style singing I want to break free, I want to see how funny she is, how womanly she walks, I want to hear how sexy she speaks, to be short: I want it all (and I want it NOW).

Sorry, got carried away a bit. Fact is however that I think she is great, although she has done some embarassing things. But let's be fair; haven't we all done some things we'd rather not be reminded of, and how would you feel if all people talked about were the bad or stupid things you did and take all the good and beautiful things for granted. I just don't like that kind of catatonic negativism.

I think it's time for a Lindsay-comeback a la John Travolta in Pulp Fiction, but till this dream comes through I'll keep on collecting Lindsay-stuff. I just enjoy having a DVD with different frontcovers in different languages (for example, the Dutch version of the Parent Trap is called Dubbel en Dwars; the word Dubbel referring to the twins - my sign by the way - and Dwars meaning to just do things your own way no matter what, and it also is a saying, meaning something as earning it Big Time. Not bad for a translated movie-title!), and I think I have at least five or six versions of Mean Girls. Grool! Besides that I have several lobbycards, CD's, books, posters and of course magazines, from girly magazines (Lindsay loves this and that), gossip-magazines (the ones other people only read at the hairdresser) and fashion-magazines (as someone said about Marilyn: she would look great even in a potato-bag) to more adult magazines to feast the eyes. Speaking about things that make you go mmm!

Want to see some items I've collected? Check out the photo's and if you have some old magazines in the attick, don't hesitate!

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