Dutch Comic Con 2017

Hi everyone. This is my first item in English, especially for all my international readers..., so please allow me to introduce myself . My name is Coenraad, and I am really, really, really, really, really, really addicted to Alice. In Wonderland, that is.

On this page you can read some of my personal notes on this addiction and watch some items from my collection, hence the name: Coenraads Collection. If I don't have it, or took a picture of it myself, I don't write about it. After all, there are - fortunately - more than enough sites to check out any information on Lewis Carroll and Alice in Wonderland, so I chose to keep it personal, hoping that my addiction proofs to be contagious. If you can read Dutch, you'll just have to read my earlier notes to get a clue on how bad my addiction is, and if not I'm sure you can make up a story of your own watching the photographs!

Today I'd like to share in advance my enthousiasm for all the visitors of Dutch Comic Con 2017 (Jaarbeurs Utrecht, March 25th and 26th). I visited the editions 2015 and 2016 with my daughters and I just loved all the cosplayers and dressed-up fans. Especially ofcourse all the characters from Wonderland. I've seen some enchanting Alices, some scary Alices, some perfect White Rabbits, dangerous Red Queens, lovely White Queens and crazy Mad Hatters and it's just overwhelming to see how many people obviously love Alice, knowing how much preparation it generally takes to get looking so perfect.

I really hope to meet more Alices on the 2017-edition and to expand my collection of photographs of Alice in Wonderland-characters, and because I won't have any time for writing a piece this weekend, hereby an advance notice. Please check this page this weekend, not for reading this time, but just for watching! Let's hope I can spot more Wonderland-creatures than the last editions put together and perhaps, if they pay me enough, you can check out some strange creatures accompanying me: Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz and Princess Peach from Mario Brothers (:my own blood and nobody wants to be Alice, sniff). I think it took my wife several weeks to make the dresses, but sure enough: Mission accomplished. If the event itself is just as nice, you can't afford to miss the upcoming photographs (or you can expect a visit from the Red Queens assisant!).

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